Delivery Service in South Delhi Areas

Gubbins| Oct 16, 2023

How to Deliver Food to Customers without in-house Delivery Service? 

If you are running a food restaurant and not having enough footfalls, you need to think out of the box to grow your business. Yes, there is huge competition in the market, you need to be more competitive to attract customers and run your business successfully, of course profitably too.    

In the food and restaurant business, apart from fine-dining facilities at your restaurant premises, you also need to facilitate delivering the food to the customer's doorstep. Yes, in today's busy world, people don't have time to come to your eating place to beat their hunger needs, they have multiple options like they can cook at home or order food online from food apps.       

Here you can take cues from such online food ordering and delivery systems and provide the same facility to deliver the food to their doorstep. However, having a full-fledged delivery system will cost you more and can affect the profitability of your business, unless you have that many orders and you can absorb such costs with a high number of orders per day.

Provide the Home Delivery Service 

Herr you need to attract new customers or retain the regular customers by providing the food delivery service at the customer's home or offices. Many customers who don't want to go outside due to traffic or not getting time due to personal work or office tasks, can order food from your restaurant and get the same at their premises to enjoy the meal. 

Tie-up with Pick & Drop Delivery Service

Here you can hire to tie up with local but professional pick up & drop delivery service providers who will pick up the food from your restaurant and deliver the same at the customer’s doorstep. You don't need to hire them full-time they work for multiple restaurants and retail outlets to pick and drop the different types of items, like food, groceries and medicines. Whenever an order comes, just ask them to be ready and deliver the same and collect the payments.     

Can Charge the Delivery Charges with Bill  

These delivery service providers charge nominal charges and you can charge the same from the customers to avoid increasing your operating cost. Here you can fully charge the customers or partially pay the remaining delivery charges from your account depending on your affordability and please your customers offering free delivery services.   

Get the Big Orders for Parties and celebrations

When you start delivering the food and other types of edible items timely at the customer's office or home, you will also create goodwill and loyalty from your customers. In the future, if any customer is looking to organize a large party or celebrate special occasions at their home or offices, they will call you to take the bulk orders and deliver the food items at their door-stop.

Tie-up with Local Catering Service Providers

When such parties and events are organized, caters are also required to serve such food and edible items for the guests who come to attend the gathering. Herr again along with your food preparing and delivering service you can also tie up with local catering service providers to organize or manage such occasions with all the catering service required. It will not only make your business a one-stop solution for food eating, online ordering for home or large gatherings.

Hope when you start following these rules in your food and restaurant business, you will get more number of customers footfall and also orders from people who are not able to visit your restaurant. Delivering the items at the customer's doorstep has become the need of every business, whether it's the food industry or any other business.

Gubbins is offering a pick-up and drop Service in South Delhi and another part of the capital region. You can hire a food delivery service with all the facilities to carry the food items, safely and in a very hygienic environment to keep the freshness of food. You just need to provide the details of customers and the food item will be delivered quickly in any part of the South Delhi region.